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X40 Low server is unique with slow leveling and several limits. There is no way to reach max stat points. Resets are limited and there are no grand resets at all. To have the server even more low and hard the stat points burn after each reset and dynamic experience reduces the speed of leveling when more resets. Unique dynamic growing style rewards for resets will give a pretty nice rewards for all the players just by playing. The more you progress with resets the more better rewards you will receive. Special quest system introduced to give you an opportunity to hunt monsters, do specific tasks to earn extra rewards for free. View game guides to find out the most of important information you want to know about server. Premium Anti-Hack for maximal protection.

- Starter GIFTS: Each new character will receive many gifts in their inventory for easier start!
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Basic Server Information
Version: Season 18 Part 1-3
Exp Regular | Master: 40x | 120x
Max Level Regular | Master: 400 | 1100
Max Account connections per 1 Computer: 3
Monsters & Bosses power adjusted
Spots & Hotspots in all maps
Anti-Lag feature button F9

Subserver Information
Non PvP subserver with 2x less Exp: Yes
Limited maximum number of players: Yes
Active Bosses and Invasions: No

Resets Information
Level to Reset: 400
Stats after Reset: Burn
Stats after Reset: 500 Free Points * resets
Max Resets: 50
Total Stats with Max Resets: 25'000 Points (Build Stats)

ResetsExperienceZen RequiredReward WCoinsReward RUUDReward ITEM
0 - 5100%1kk * count15500-
6 - 1095%1kk * count251000-
11 - 1590%50kk502000-
16 - 2085%75kk1004000Exc Ring + 3 opt
21 - 2580%100kk1506000Garuda Feather
26 - 3075%125kk2008000Exc Ring + 4 opt
31 - 3565%150kk30010000Horn of Fenrir
36 - 4055%175kk40015000Exc Pendant + 5 opt
41 - 4545%200kk50020000Seal of Ghost Horse
46 - 5035%225kk60025000Seal of Ice Dragon

Total Rewards:

Total: 11'700 Wcoins + 457'500 Ruud + Free Items listed above !!


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